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Power, Performance and Consistency

Discover the benefits of high-speed cooking technology

Interested in high-speed cooking? Here's the scoop.

XpressChef's MXP22TLT is the ultimate expression of high volume speed cooking made easy. Combining four cooking energies (convection, impingement, infra-red radiant and microwave assist), this high-speed oven is the perfect compact, ventless and fully customizable unit for convenience stores and quick-service retaurants. It features a multi-lingual, True-Touch™ HD Touchscreen display making it incredibly easy to program and use. The oven's reliable performance allows you to cook large batches and multiple items during peak times. It uses less energy than traditional ovens, reducing operational costs while eliminating the need for pre-cooking and holding.

Additional features and benefits include:

  • Inner door drops down below cooking surface for safe removal of food from cavity
  • Porcelain IR element cover enhances operator safety and simplifies maintenance
  • Catalytic converter built-in for ventless operation
  • Large interior easily accommodates a 35cm (14”) pizza
  • Non-stick oven liners preinstalled for easy cleaning
  • Removable, cleanable, reusable air filters for long life


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This ventless unit and can be placed in the front or back of house for greater convenience. Easily customize and manage your menu, even remotely. Keep up with peak times easily while accomodating different menu items with the press of a button.


The excellent food quality and throughput make the MXP22TLT the ultimate safe, simple and effective piece of cooking equipment. Grill, bake, steam and toast at the press of a button. Pizza, paninis, toasted sandwiches, entrées, apps — you name it, the XpressChef 4i cooks it - to perfection.


Sure it cooks lightning fast - but it's the quality, versatility, and ease of use that will grab your attention. Perfect for high-volume, high-speed batch cooking. Heat, regenerate, finish and bake faster than ever before.  That means more variety in less space at a lower cost.